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The Dubs marks nine years as The X Factor’s digital partner

The Dubs is proud of its association with The X Factor and has recently rolled out the 2012 website for FremantleMedia, working closely also with ITV.

For the last 9 years, The Dubs’ proprietary CMS has underpinned the digital experience and provided The X Factor’s production team with a simple and fast, multi-platform, content-publishing solution – able to withstand the stampede of millions of concurrent site visitors!

Good luck to our client and here’s to another great year.

The Dubs’ proprietary CMS powers ITV’s Superstar…

ITV Superstar Judges.

Superstar’ is a brand new nationwide talent search led by Andrew Lloyd Webber looking for a rock superstar to play the title role of Jesus.

The winner’s life-changing prize will be the leading role in the UK’s first ever arena tour of the legendary rock classic Jesus Christ Superstar that will open
at London’s O2 arena on 21 September.

The Dubs is delighted to be the group powering the website via it’s own proprietary Content Management System and wishes ITV the very best of luck with the show.

Superstar starts on Saturday July 7th 2012 on ITV1.

We’re still behind Britain’s Got Talent!

Britain's Got Talent website developed by The Dubs.

The Dubs recently rolled out the Britain’s Got Talent 2012 website for FremantleMedia –  for the 5th consecutive year.

Based on the show teaser video, it’s shaping up to be yet another great year – we’ll certainly be watching ITV1 @ 8.00pm from Saturday 24th March!

Read what the @GotTalent team have to say about their new website here.

Please direct inquires to Toby.Sharpe@thedubs.com

Isn’t it time sport goes social?

Isn't it time sport goes social?

By Andrew Frith, Social Media Director, The Dubs

I am sure you will agree that watching a game of Aussie Rules, or Rugby Union, or whatever sport it is you are into, at home by yourself is never as fun as watching it live at the game amongst the cheers and the screams, the boos and the sledging.

Next time you’re on the couch watching a game you will be able to feel like you are in the midst of the action – well as soon as the sporting broadcasters, carriers and content producers start embracing Social TV.

The new TV
Social TV is all about peer to peer interactions while sharing a broadcast audience. While it has been available for some time, Social TV is only really starting to take off. Most of the Social TV that is being embraced at the moment is based around popular light hearted TV shows and in particular reality TV shows.

Social TV is currently being used to check-in to TV programs, to engage in real-time chat, to vote, for social network integration and to offer exclusive content to users and viewers. It can offer fresh opportunities to enhance the viewer experience, drive interactivity, community and talkability, but most importantly it can be used to leverage a brand.

Social TV and sport
The average Australian spends 22 hours per week watching TV and a further seven hours on social media sites, so it makes perfect sense for sporting broadcasters to merge two of Australia’s favourite past times together and start leveraging on these opportunities.

Peer to peer interactions – banter – is what sport is all about. If you have ever been on Facebook or Twitter in the middle of a popular sporting game you would have seen the feeds on each of these platforms being dominated by conversations about this game.

There are lot of sport fanatics out there that would talk about sport constantly if there was a place where people would actually listen. Despite this, Social TV has not as yet been used successfully to cater to sports fans.

Sport unifies people, and whether you play it yourself or watch it, there is a huge urge to share the experience. Fans love to talk to each other and relive the experience and Social TV will amplify this. It will provide the opportunity to link existing fans with each other and become the channel to show support. It will boost emotions and make the traditional viewing experience superior.

Buying power
Through the process of immersing people in emotion around a sporting game that they love and have a passion for, fans are often more open to sharing valuable information with a brand.

People’s viewing habits are changing, most people no longer solely concentrate on the TV, but use smart phones, or laptops, swap texts, tweets, and status updates about celebrities, characters and commercials all while they are watching a TV show. They are online while watching TV, so if pushed in the right direction, they could be persuaded to buy things. There are endless opportunities to advertise, create loyalty programs and market a brand.

Sport provides the perfect opportunity to turn a format into a brand, enable interaction that in the long term people will be willing to pay for and provide opportunities for merchandising. Social TV is the perfect opportunity to create brand awareness and even sell tickets to the next game.

Social TV also offers ample opportunities for extra media value, measurements and conversion. However, ultimately Social TV must add to, not distract from, the TV viewing experience. Sponsors and advertisers involved in Social TV also need to concentrate on adding value as audiences will shy away from Social TV if they feel they are constantly being sold to.

By linking viewers with their friends and other sports fans broadcasters will not only be able to hold on to their audiences rather than losing them to other online TV watching platforms, but capitalise on multiple branding and marketing opportunities.

What are they are they all waiting for?


Development of the Britain’s Got Talent website – 2011

Talkback THAMES Digital (part of the FremantleMedia Group) recommissioned The Dubs for the development of their keynote entertainment brand ‘Britain’s Got Talent’ for the 4th year running.

With 31.5 million video views across the site during the TX period, our content publishing  platform is incredibly robust!

The Dubs are the only external vendor to Britain’s largest free to air broadcaster to operate its own proprietary CMS within ITV’s serving environment having been extensively audited against a variety of criteria including: ease of use for editing teams, flexibility in mapping CMS functions to production processes and broadcast format particulars, robustness & extensibility. Our platform has been conceived & optimised on-going for broadcast industry specific use.

“Working to extend some of biggest TV brands into the digital space means that we need to work with companies that can more than deliver our vision. The Dubs understands multiplatform content and consistently deliver above and beyond expectations. They understand how to work with broadcasters and how to communicate with programme makers and importantly they understand the commercial sensitivities shared across all”

Robert Marsh Head, talkback THAMES Digital (FremantleMedia)

The X Factor 2010 – some pretty impressive numbers!

The X Factor

The 2010 series of the The X Factor has now concluded and we reflect on the impressive site traffic generated: 85.6 Million page views across the series and 31.5 Million video views.

And we marvel at all this with some pride; The Dubs is the agency that developed and built the official X Factor website for TalkbackTHAMES Digital. The X Factor website was underpinned with The Dubs’ very own proprietary content platform, custom configured to deliver multiplatform publishing and social media integration.

Given The Dubs’ unique agency positioning as one that truly understands the correlation between content and audience behaviours (we’re the group behind the last 6 series roll-outs for this brand alongside official site developments for ‘The Apprentice’ and ‘Britain’s Got Talent’ properties) we had expected to see significant site traffic and interactions but even we would not have predicted drawing in 1.4 Million uniques over the final weekend (905k on the Sunday night of the final!)

And so with the dust not yet settled we’re already planning around this years offering and further development of The X Factor online success.

Watch this space!

Development of The Junior Apprentice website – 2010

The Dubs has launched the first series of the much anticipated Junior Apprentice for Talkback THAMES Digital (part of the FremantleMedia Group).

Visually bold, the website is very much a video and content property, which integrates with the BBC’s infrastructure and is underpinned by The Dubs’ content platform.

The Dubs worked closely with the Talkback THAMES Digital team to ensure that the website would easily enable them to craft and push the very best content to the audience both pre, during and after TX.

Development of The Apprentice website – 2011

FremantleMedia commissioned The Dubs to develop the online property for the hugely popular television series: The Apprentice (series 7) for the BBC.

The website development is underpinned with The Dubs content publishing system which attracts production time and cost efficiencies within its Rapid Application Development (RAD) architecture.

This latest successful project delivery builds on The Dubs’ previous commissions for series 3 (2007), series 4 (2008), series 5 (2009) and series 6 (2010) .


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